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5714 Bradley Blvd
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Pleasant Prospect Farm

Pleasant Prospect Farm, located in Sparks Maryland, was once the home of a prosperous farmer who operated a tannery there.  The west end of the telescoping home was erected in 1824, with additions to the east in 1832, and later in the 1940’s and most recently in the 1990’s. The home remained in the Scott family for two hundred years, beginning with the establishment of a grist mill on the Western Run about 1750.  The Scotts operated a stone quarry nearby that was the source of the rough cut limestone that was used in the main house and many of the dependencies. The project included interior renovations of the tenant house, guest house, and a major addition to the main house.  The new addition replaces the 1990’s addition and renovates the 1940’s addition in a manner more sympathetic with the original historic home.

Project team includes

  • Contactor: Kurt Preuss
  • Photography: © Hoachlander Davis Photography