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5714 Bradley Blvd
Bethesda MD 20814

Noyes Children's Library Renovation

This project is a renovation and modernization to the Nation's oldest childrens libray.  The Noyes Library was founded in Kensington, Maryland in 1893, the first community funded library in the Washington DC region.  It predates the current Library of Congress by four years. 

The proposed renovation includes a new useable lower level, to house the Jan Jablonski Early Literacy Center Program Room; attic conversion to a much needed staff office, and provide  universal access to all three floors.

The existing building exterior will be otherwise restored, maintaining the existing windows, repairing the shingle roof where needed and removing years of peeling paint and repainting the exterior. In order to maximize the interior useable space, the vestibule porch which was added over 40 years ago will remain enclosed and the small entry facing west will be retained, with some repair work to the front stoop and front railings.

The space in front of the Library will be landscaped to provide a low sitting wall and plantings that shield the central gathering space from the traffic, while providing universal access to the space for the community.