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5714 Bradley Blvd
Bethesda MD 20814

A House with a View

This 2,100 SF modern residence, designed for an editor who works from home, occupies a site on the crest of Mohican Hill.  The property adjoins public parkland to the rear and the sloping terrain affords views to the NW toward the park and to the SW over the adjoining homes. The home immediately to the east is among the highest in the neighborhood and blocks all views to the east.

Our goal was to provide a modest three bedroom home that, despite its diminutive size, embraced the potential of its site, while providing the Owner with a sense of seclusion and contemplation with views of the park.

The house is a simple bar and a living pavilion, linked by a glazed entry hall that provides a connection from the entry to the rear terrace.  The bar creates privacy along the eastern edge of the property, while orienting all the spaces toward the park and the more distant views.  The pavilion, containing the main living spaces and kitchen, opens to the views of the park.

A series of interlocking stone terraces lead to the front entry.  The kitchen is open to the living/dining space, while shielding the rear terrace from the street. Continuous clearstory glazing fills the space with light.  Both the living spaces and the ground floor office open onto a rear bluestone terrace with a lap pool connecting the primary spaces to the park beyond.  High awning windows on the east side provide privacy from the immediate neighbor.  Corner windows and projecting bays orient the second floor spaces to the park and distant views.

The house is grounded on a plinth composed of dark manganese brick, capped with a steel channel, supporting the mahogany-clad volumes.  The white clearstory gestures to capture the light and view of the tree canopy.  Lead-coated copper cladding on the projecting bays and rear second floor terrace provides a counterpoint.  A natural rock outcropping, a fortunate accident, on the crest of the hill was incorporated into the outdoor shower and the native stone from the property was incorporated into the landscape.  The interior finishes include clear maple cabinetry, bluestone, stained white oak flooring on the first floor and maple on the second floor.  The natural materials used provide a consistent palette and serve to connect the house with its surroundings.

Project team includes:

Contractor: GN Contracting
Photography: © Hoachlander Davis Photography LLC

Modern Front Entry
Modern Entry - Detailed
Modern Backyard with Pool
Living Room and Dining Space
Dining Space
Sleek Kitchen
Interior view to backyard
Modern Home at Night